Lexicof Herbal Cough Lozenges

Lexicof Herbal Cough Lozenges

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Combats Cough: Lexicof lozenge is a multi-ingredient formulation fortified with honey, Which is beneficial in managing cough of varied etiologies. Lexicof lozenge offers multiple actions to alleviate cough, sore throat and quickly relieves throat irritation. It primarily possesses antitussive ( Cough Relieving ), antiseptic and anti- inflammatory actions. In addition, it also offers beneficial antimicrobial, local analgesic and antithistaminic actions. 

Indications: Sore throat and cough in oropharyngeal infections like tonsillitis, pharyngitis and laryngitis

Allergic cough, smoker's cough, cough associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD )

Ingredients: Honey ( Madhu ) is traditionally used to treat cough, due to its antitussive and anti-inflammatory properties, which soothe the respiratory tract.

Lavanga ( Clove) is useful in cough due to its antitussive activity and other upper respiratory disorders due to its antimicrobial activity. It has been used as a popular remedy for sore throat.

Pack Size:

  • 10 lozenges